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NLE’s adjusted pick-up dates

* The pick-up dates will start from Monday the 25th of April 2016.

The adjusted pick-up dates concern Arnhem-Enschede area (view image above):

(1) Soest, Amersfoort, Leusden pick-up route goes towards East along the A1 highway until Enschede. The pick-up time has changed to Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The route includes Soest, Amersfoort, Leusden, Apeldoorn, Deventer, Almelo, Hengelo, Enschede, etc.
(2) Woudenberg, Veenendaal are modified along the route Arnhem A12 highway eastwards on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The route includes Woudenberg, Veenendaal, Ede, Wageningen, Arnhem, Nijmegen, etc.
(3) Oss and Uden modified the pick-up time on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.

If you have any questions about our pick-up dates or areas, please email or phone our customer service

NLE team


欧亚专线:最负责任的邮寄业务 暨 新型泡沫箱子推广




1. 每个邮寄包裹中奶粉数量为3罐(牛栏婴儿奶粉6段可装六罐),常见奶粉品牌及规格如下:
3 cans1

2. 一箱3罐奶粉邮费为17欧包税
3. 除奶粉外其他内容物的欧亚专线包裹暂时不接
4. 邮寄包裹的内容物暂不包括成人奶粉、羊奶粉或特殊配方奶粉



今天就可开始订购~限量版每位顾客每次只能订购  5  套~!



1. 一个新型泡沫纸箱套装可以放牛栏标准段奶粉3罐
2. 牛栏六段奶粉可以放6罐

如有问题咨询, 欢迎您拨打欧亚专线的热线电话: 088-668-1277


EU Asia Express offers you an unique promotion!

15th of April 2016

The China Customs has reaffirmed the provisions of the new tax reform policy.

As we will continue to adhere clearance procedures, we provide customers the lowest price and best service with the following promotion:

1. Each parcel may contain 3 cans of Nutrilon Standard or Hero Baby milk powder. (Nutrilon 6 is allowed to send 6 cans per parcel)
2. Send 3 cans of milk powder for only €17,- Euros per parcel, incl. tax.
3. This promotion does not include adult milk, goat milk or any other special milk
4. Tax will be charged for more cans per package and other contents.

New styrofoam & Box

We have launched a new set for ultrasafe packaging! Each parcel is completed with a styrofoam which is perfectly suitable for 3 cans of milk powder for only € 2,- per set!

As the high demand of our customers, we have a Limited Edition where each customer can only order 5 sets!

1. Each set contains a parcel with a new perfectly shaped styrofoam for 3 Nutrilon Standard cans.
2. The set is suitable for 3 cans of all Nutrilon Standard types. For Nutrilon Standard 6, it is suitable for 6 cans.

For questions about our new promotion, please contact our Customer Service at 088-668-1277


NLE Maastricht地区取货时间变更!

现NLE Maastricht分公司正式运营,邮编开头两位数字是60、61、62、63、64的荷兰地区(图中红色区域,林堡省部分地区),以及这些地区附近的比利时、德国地区,取货时间由之前的周一、周三和周六调整为周二,周四和周六。其他地区的取货时间不变。


NLE 团队Brabant-LimburgNLE Maastricht changed pick-up days and area!

The NLE Maastricht branch is now fully operating in Limburg area starting with the first two numbers of the postal codes 60, 61, 62, 63, 64  (shown in red on the image above), as well as the areas close to the boarder of Belgium and Germany. The new pick-ups for these areas will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Pick-up days in other areas will remain as before (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday).

If you have any questions about the pick-up days or area, please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you further.

NLE Team

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